Right to Learn

Although the economy and social matters are now major public concerns, the knowledge of the economic and social concepts is still lacking and confined to a restricted circle of experts.The economic debates are limited to demagogy and populist slogans while there is real need for a general awareness of the real issues and problems. We aim to fill this gap by “democratizing” the economy and make it understandable by the public at large. 

Baddak Ta3ref - Episode 1 – Inflation

Inflation occurs when the supply of money exceeds the creation of wealth

Episode 2 : In Which Country to invest ?

It is like wind surfing: Search for a location where there is steady wind and forecast of constant wind 

Episode 3: Why tax havens are used

Think of Jersey and you think prosperous tax haven. But exporter of bananas to Europe? Surely not. Jersey does not cultivate bananas. 

Episode 4: How money is created

Money is created by banks through credits.

Episode 5: Investing in silver

You want to invest. Do like the Chinese… Invest in silver…


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